Patient Reviews

Patient reviews, endorsements, and testimonials help to keep our practice thriving.

“Loved our fist experience. The staff was awesome – friendly and cheerful. The decor is very cool and the office is spotless. The doctor and the staff did everything to make my 4 year old comfortable and at ease. I wasn’t sure how this would go given this is a new practice in town but I am glad I chose them. Would definitely recommend!”
-Deepshikha Ganjoo

“I took our 18 month old daughter for her first dentist appointment and we had a wonderful experience. The front staff was warm and friendly and Dr. Whittington made sure to explain everything and was quick and was wonderful with our daughter. Would definitely recommend and will go back!”
-Renee Walker

“Dr. Whittington and his staff were very friendly and professional. The office is clean, bright, and welcoming. This was my daughter’s first dental appointment and they made us feel at ease. My little girl left with a smile on her face and a balloon in her hand! Couldn’t have asked for better.”
-Kelli Vinson

“Great friendly staff and dentist, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist. Great with my kid, who talks a lot, they had a lot of patience and talked to him a lot. The dentist was great with explaining everything that was going to happen before he did anything.”
-Callie Rivera